"Build your Own" section in page?

Is there a way I can integrate a “Build your own” section within my page? I am assisting a business owner create their page but they are indecisive about the limitation or extent to what webflow can provide to them. Is there something that can assist me or third party source that can assist me?

Not sure what you mean exactly. If you’re asking whether the client will be able to do page design work, then the answer is “only if they learn the designer.”

Webflow separates the designer and editor roles, and the standard editor does not allow a client to “create their own section”. The reason is there’s a lot that goes into design and making it work responsively.

However, you can design portions of the page to switch on and off like notifications, CTAs, specials, upcoming events, based on the content in the CMS.

If the client really needs the ability to add and remove custom sections on their own, Wix or Shopify may be better for them. Fewer design options but it makes a more accessible admin interface.

the site owner wants to create a page that allows his clients to create a custom headstone using images and templates that he provides. So there will be a section where the client will select a drop down from the site and select what fonts or images they want. Hopefully this helps.