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"Build Your Bowling Alley" conditional pricing page

I’m a business owner who built my own website (, but now I want to create a page with conditional pricing logic… “Build Your Bowling Alley”, similar to how you might select your specs for a new MacBook or add options as you price out a new car. And I’ve got a feeling that will require custom code, which is beyond my skills.

I want the user to first select how many bowling lanes they need (1, 2, or 4). And then all the other options and upgrades will be priced accordingly. As the user makes selections, they can see their total price get updated.

Here is a non-working page I set up to give you a better idea of what I’m talking about (although I don’t like the design):

Could you please recommend a good Webflow designer who can 1) make it look good, and 2) make it function properly. Thank you!

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