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Build e-commerce marketplace

Is it possible to create a multi vendor marketplace (airbnb style) using Webflow and a e-commerce API like Moltin to CommerceJS?

If yes, is there a tutorial on how to do it?

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Airbnb is mega-mega site (No cms could handle a site like this - only custom code).

About Moltin - this looks really cool - but i think it would be hard to manage this by site-builder. You can add easily custom code - but the view (Webflow Editor) & live site (Publish) will look different (Moltin handle for you all products, categories and so on - backend CMS)

Moltin is more complex (For apps, PHP - huge framework - For exprets - you should know how to work with the API) - maybe try minimal solution like cart - Snipcart - Only add some attributes and CDN and thats it -(Also you can use the chat/forum of moltin to get more ideas).

Thanks man!

“You can add easily custom code - but the view (Webflow Editor) & live site (Publish) will look different.”

How can I add the Moltin Api calls from Webflow?

And why you think live site would be different?

Simple - In the webflow-editor you don’t see Custom Code (JS) you add before-body (Or by HTML block) - Example: you don’t see this “hello” in the editor


multin is pure API (You call the product details - img/title…by JS) - So for example, if in your publishing site you have a product - in the editor you dont see this product title/description/img (It hard to work like this).

In general - maybe their is also webflow API to solve this problem (I don’t know).

I hope soon webflow add support for E-commerce. For now start from snipcart - get the idea than go to more advanced product like multin

As discussed in our email conversation, Foxy can help, but you may run into limitations in Webflow (this applies to any ecommerce platform). Definitely let us know if we can help with anything.


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I’d suggest you to try CS-Cart Multi-Vendor if you want to build a big marketplace. Multi-Vendor can handle high load and has lots of ecommerce features in the box. Check this marketplace built on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor—ShopClues. It has insane number of SKUs and vendors.

P.S. If you can’t open ShopClues, try to connect via VPN (it’s closed for some countries).

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