Buggy and glitchy Divs

This site I built is quite simple but somehow the interactions of the dropdown texts (little v arrows) are causing images in the sliders to disappear at random. Any Idea what is causing this? Could someone help me out with this, please? I can’t seem to find the culprit.

The interanctions don’t seem to work on the sharable site so here is another link to the published site. For me the problem only appears on Chrome and iOS. On Edge it seems fine.




On iOS images that I set as backgrounds on slider don’t appear at all!
help! :slight_smile:

Anyone? No one has a solution? this must be a common problem.

Hi @phelan, I tested all of the dropdown ‘v’ arrows and couldn’t see any images disappearing as you say sorry. Are you perhaps able to provide a Loom video or screenshot?

As a side note, until reading your text again, I did not realise that the images were sliders - perhaps this needs to be described or more evident from an experience point of view.

The issue of random disappearing images has somehow resolved itself. Not sure what changed. Maybe it was a problem on my end.

The issue i’m still having is that within the sliders background images are not showing up on mobile… very strange.