Bug with the elements being re-arrange in mobile device view

Hi sir,

I’ve sent a photo containing the problem I’m facing under mobile view

As seen in the photo, the style panel have shown that the H1 text element namely (NASA-H2) and the next H1 text element (NASA-H2) is 3 rows apart. But as shown on the editor, those elements are styled below one another

The other photo sent shows how it looks like in web view. I didn’t hide any elements based on device views or add any. Can u help me with this image


Hi there,

Thanks for posting this. I took a look at your preview link that you emailed us.

It looks like you may have changed up the position / design a bit for this section:

Were you able to resolve the issue with this new design? If you are still having issues can you provide a bit more detail on what the expected behavior is here and what’s happening instead?

​Thanks in advance.