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Bug with Interactions: Hide & Show?

Hello @danro @thesergie

I have just test in my web and i have a problem with Hide and Show map! Please take a look to the demo.

Demo Link:

Public Link:


EDIT: When i open Inspect Element in Chrome the map its fixed, strange…

@Deni_1990 Thanks for the report!

I would suggest moving the Map into a wrapper element with Overflow: Hidden, and apply the IX to the wrapper instead of animating the Map height directly.

This would also provide better performance, as you probably don’t want to redraw the map for every height change. :thumbsup:

Hello @danro

Thanks for your feedback, i try it again to put the map into a wrapper element and make Overflow: Hidden but i see the same problem again.

You can see it again here both:

Demo Link:

Public Link:


@Deni_1990 This is happening because of Display: None. If you change this to Height: 0, the map will correctly load (and as a bonus, be preloaded before the user clicks the button).

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Everything works perfect. Thanks for your help. You can close this thread.