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Bug with cart in navbar when "page scrolled" interaction is on

Hi, community.

I have an annoying problem with the “page scrolled” navbar interaction. I’m designing an e-commerce webflow website and I have the cart in the navbar, and when I create a page scrolled interaction for the navbar, the cart gets a bug, I’ve created a screen capture recording so that you better understand my problem, hopefully, it’s something minor I’m missing. I’m sharing my read-only link as well!


Screen recording Here

Your screen recording is a screen image. So hard to say what’s going on.
I see nothing strange!

Hey. I’m not sure what you mean by screen image. It’s an animated .gif where I go over the problem. I haven’t shared a screen recording on the forum before, is there a way to host a screen recording somewhere so I can share it here?


If you try to scroll down and then scroll up so that the navbar shows, you’ll see the cart bug that I’m talking about :smile: