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Bug when using a "link block" instead of a "div"

There seems to be a bug when I use a “link block” instead of a “div”.

Link to the site:

In the attachments you can see that the classes are exactly the same. The only difference is that for .job-entry__title I’m using a “link block” instead of a “div”.
The “h2” title should be on the left side, and the “job-entry__container” should be on the right side (I labeled this with “correct” in the screenshot). Somehow when using a link block instead of a div the elements inside it behave weirdly.

Is this a known problem? Any solutions for this?
Thanks for you help!


Can you give us your share link please.
Here is how to share links :

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Here’s the share link:

Thank you.
This is how i would fix it.
First set job-entry_title to display instead for Flexbox

Then set job-entry_container do Flex Direction row, Justify end

Then put some flex on job-entry, Direction column, justify start

And now it’s working :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your help, that fixed it!

Still find it strange the link block behaves differently than a div with flexbox though.

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