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BUG: What is up with Webflow Cache recently?

What’s up with Webflow recently?
I’m publishing a project, it says published, I open it in a new browser tab and the project is not updated. I had a suspicion before but then it would fix itself quickly, but this time I keep publishing and publishing but the website is just not updating.

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Hm, I turned on VPN and website is updated…maybe DNS for specific countries is updated slower now?

I’m having the same issues, seems like it is a platform issue.

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Thanks for confirming the issue!

I am having he same issue on west coast.


Yup - multiple clients are saying similar events.


I’m having the same problem here!

My website just updated try again guys it worked for me.

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any solution i’m also facing this

Same issue. Changes not propogating. This is becoming increasingly more frequent. Also, really not ok when you’re trying to troubleshoot issues on your site => publishing changes, then thinking your fix didn’t actually work, when in fact the changes were never actually published.