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Bug: website not publishing properly, tried contacting support a few times but no answer

Hi, I’ve been trying to contact support for a while but no one emailed back. There’s a bug in my music CMS page and it doesn’t show properly when I publish it, in the designer it’s perfect but on the website it’s messed up and a lot of things are missing. I would like to launch this site as soon as possible but I won’t be able to do so if this bug isn’t fixed. (You may have to hide the Technical difficulties Hero Overlay to see what I’m talking about) The password is admin1 and you must click one of the songs at the bottom of the site.

Someone please help. Thanks in advance!

Published website (this will show you what I mean) :

Read only link:

It looks like your second HTML Embed element (the one with the iFrame) has a syntax error that’s more than likely causing the issue:


@mikeyevin Thanks for the troubleshooting, now the footer shows but the content is still messed up. I looked at the other embeds and there’s nothing wrong with them, I even tried removing the whole second embed but it still didn’t work.

@mikeyevin thanks again for your helping me fix one of the issues. However, the other issue was fixed when I added the dynamic setting for the image to both the div block and the image block. I don’t know why I had to do that but if it works, it works. Thanks again for your help.

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