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[BUG] Video element overlapping admin panel

Hey guys, just a quick heads up that there is an odd bug plaguing designer when on the same page as a video element. To illustrate the point, I am unable to click the “Save” button on a new CMS field because “space” holding the video under the CMS edit panel is blocking it. See the loom:

I did not provide a read only link because it’s unnecessary and I don’t want to share the project.

Hi Jason,

  1. Can you recreate the bug on a different machine? and in incognito mode?
  2. Did you report it through the bug reporting process?

You can try this too. Just open empty page, insert video into the body, then try opening various menus. Video is on top interaction-wise.

Confirmed as a bug.

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Thank you for reporting this @flowpros. This is a known issue and work has begun on a fix. I’ve added your report to the issue.

– Matthew


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