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[bug] Values in Webflow do not correspond to values in the CSS file?

As you can see, this class has font weight set to 400-normal:

However, in the exported CSS files in the code, the value is not 400-normal, but 900:

I’ve counted 11 classes that do not correspond between Webflow and code.

Why does it matter?
Well, this bug forces users to download all font weights of the font. Even though font weight 900 is not needed, users download it because it is in the CSS.

The consequences are devastating
All this loading of unnecesary google fonts slows down the site just enough (980ms) to trigger Core Web Vitals warnings in the console. Any fixes?

Uploading custom .woff2 does not help. I probably need to export the code and delete the values manually. However, I’d rather stay on Webflow hosting on all my sites.

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