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Bug Tracking Open Issues - Publicly

@Webflow -> if you won’t provide public access to open bugs affecting users of your platform, consider this. Please create a topic called “Accepted Bugs” or similar. Move topics from Feedback -> Bugs to this new topic when you have determined (stated by WF Staff) that the bug is an open issue.

I ask since you provide ZERO bug tracking for users of your product, and that sucks. WHY? Because countless people, including myself, run into issues and try to determine what is wrong, only to discover that there is a topic that shows the issue is unresolved. Searching for solutions that can’t be addressed by end users is a massive time-waster for everyone. Let’s see if you can be more transparent.

I recently built a Mantis bug site so that I can keep track of issues to save me time. Maybe I should open it to the public?

Hoping for a change.