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Bug sorting from A-Z.. 55 55-a 55-b.png in windows is in Webflow 55-a 55-b 55.png

Please check the sorting option… it would be nice if webflow uses the same way of sorting of Windows Explorer… thanks a lot

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I don’t know the answer but it may have something to do with the OS that stores the files.
. is probably counted as part of file name where as windows sees it as an extension.
If I am right and I expect I am then there isnt really anything webflow team can do and if they start messing with how things are interpreted it probably screw up somewhere else.
So only solution is to get the names standard before importing.

a smaller name should apair at the first place…

The lack of consistency in the way you name your images is the root cause of your issue (not including a letter in your first image, only a number). Simply use the very same naming convention for all your files and the sorting will be consistent.

I have a full page A4 and that same page split up for lightbox … so I have to give my page 50-0.png ? strange way of thinking… I use a b c for the several little splits… but a character of befoee a does not exists…

No, 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 1e, etc. The idea is to have consistency in the naming convention, which is, totally up to you :wink:

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