BUG/SORCERY: CMS Collection List Items Nesting Inside Each Other in an Unholy Turducken of Items

I’m not sure how this is even a thing. My collection items look normal in the Designer:

But on my site each of the 30 items are nested inside of each other:

I know there’s color on the site part. I’ve got a CSS Variable controlling a main theme color. That’s my own Sorcery. However this other thing is happening is not a magic I dare to try.

Possibly related, I’ve also got Symbols that are retooling their layouts on their own like this guy does: Bug / Issue - A div is displaying in my nav that isn't supposed to be there - #3 by theKVD

I’ve also had to turn off any IX2 on the site because, as of Tuesday, none of it works anymore.

Is Webflow ok? Is it sick? Who hurt you Webflow?

Seriously though, anyone have any idea what could cause this? With all the issues I’m suddenly having I’m dead in the water with a client project that just launched yesterday and needs a ton of stuff still done.

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First let me tell you that I will never regret taking the time to google “turducken”, and that I may one day call a project “The unholy Turducken”.

I’ll have a look but when you’re facing bugs that do strange nesting like this, or prevent content to display at all, it’s most probably because you are missing a closing tag in some custom code embed block. Your error repeats so a custom code in a dynamic context maybe?

Yep. Closing div tag missing on that purple guy:

@vincent I’m glad I was able to add to your lexicon. Hopefully you’ll consider it trade for catching what should have been my first thought.

It’s been a long build. :smiley:

You’re a rockstar.

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And you HAVE to make this mistake once and be clueless about it, that’s like a pledge achievement :joy:

You’ve clearly never seen me dancing.

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