Bug or feature: HTML lists in CMS not working

Have a list in Airtable in HTML (pasted below) that when put into a rich text field in Webflo via the API does not work (see screenshot). All other HTML formatting seems to work. Does anyone know where I’m going wrong?


HTML in Airtable:


<li>Weight per shoe (size 9): 8.8 ounces (249 grams)</li>

<li>5.5mm FeelTrue® rubber sole</li>

<li>Optional 3mm insole for a customizable "barefoot feel"</li>

<li>100% vegan-friendly materials</li>

<li>Reflective heel and instep Huarache-inspired straps</li>

<li>Price: $89.99</li>

<li>5,000-mile sole warranty</li>


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I have same issue :cry:. Did you find the solution yet? @Graffiki

I’m having issue with this too. How do we solve this? Thanks

I recall you have to wrap the list in a DIV.
If you look at what Webflow’s RTB normally generates for a list element, the structure is;

    <ul role="list">
            <span>Item 1.</span>
            <span>Item 2.</span>