BUG? Multi-reference collection, colour not picking up from parent collection

I believe I’ve stumbled across a bug or perhaps I’ve set something incorrectly.

I have a page that has a collection field on the page called “Toolkit Categories” These categories also have a colour field too

Each Toolkit Categories has a multi-reference field tag towards another CMS collection called “Toolkit Resources”.


Toolkit Category

  • Toolkit resource
  • Toolkit resource
  • Toolkit resource

The problem is when I try add multi-reference field to a Toolkit Category, to show the Toolkit Resources that are tagged to it, I click choose Toolkit Category’s colour for Background, text colours but it will only show Pink or Green, not the Toolkit Category Colour

See below (this collection should be the same yellow as the footer)

Here is my public share link:
[Webflow - Isana](https://Public Share link)

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