Bug inline block elements - exported sites only

There is a bad formatting bug when using percentage widths on inline block elements on exported sites only (with or without floats). The calculation for percentage widths has an error causing nasty rewrap issues, bumping elements to the next line when they do not exceed their bounds.

The error only shows up in exported sites only and is fine on Webflow hosted versions.

I will try to track down the cause and build a simpler example if I get free time. Fairly easy to reproduce.

Hi @vlogic, Until the reason is found, you might try exporting your site minified, by pressing ctrl-o when the publish window opens, and then check the minify checkbox. If this works, it is just a workaround, real cause has to be found, what is causing the issue concretely. Would have to reproduce it. Cheers, Dave

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I will extract a simple example later in the week and try to nail down the variant to save some steps. Great suggestion on minified - will give it a shot. Thanks Dave!