Bug in Ordered lists in Rich text elements more than 9 items when having 2 columns

The title of the post says it all:

When I need say 12 ordered list items AND have 2 columns in my Rich Text element, item 10 and upwards restart to count at 0 instead of 10. So for now I have to make them unordered and type the numbers in myself. Or use auto-column.


i would like some sort of reply, @thesergie maybe?

Thx, Tom

Hey @TomLamers can you provide a share link or a an example site that shows what you’re trying to do? By columns do you mean CSS columns in the typography panel?

If its sensitive can you PM me your site so we can investigate?

Hi @thesergie

I looked at the problem list again this morning and now, when I set it to 2 columns, all is just fine; also when I make a new ordered list in a new RTB with no adjusted settings, all’s fine. So I have to conclude you and your colleagues have solved this, thanks!


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