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Bug in new Grid, old page is crashing

I’m working on one side today, then the update comes.
Now I have the following problem:
My footer and navbar are grids. I created them in the old version.
Every time I add a new grid to a page, new or old, it shoots my footer and my Navbar.
I tried to fix it a few times, but now I can’t do it, because every time I try the page crashes completely.
That can’t be.

Here is my site Read-Only:
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

when I want to repair it by dragging “manually”, the page in the browser crashes completely.
I can only change it by entering “collum started” and “row started”.

However, this is not really efficient, if I add a new grid, everything will be shot again.

Hey @FromMuc

I’m taking a look into this now and will post back shortly.

Hey @FromMuc I’ve tried to replicate the issue with your project but I’m unable to cause the designer to crash.

Is it possible you can reproduce the error and take a screen recording whilst doing so, or provide more steps as to what you’re trying to fix when the pages crashes?

Here’s a video of what I just made.
You see how the nabar and footer shoot up when I add a new grid.
here is video where you can see

i create:

  • div
  • make ist grid
  • 1250px max width
  • width 95%

than my navbar und footer crashed


Thank you for those steps to recreate the issue. I was able to recreate the bug. I’ll work with our engineers to find a solution and report back to you here.

Again thank you so much for taking the time to report this.

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Any idea, when it will be fixt.
I don’t want to touch any other site, until the bug is fixed

Hey @FromMuc

A fix was pushed late yesterday that fixed this issue. Just now I tested your site and the issue was not there any longer for me.

If you’re still experiencing the issue please let me know.

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