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Bug? Impossible to select higher level elements. This wasnt an issue before. Video inside

When trying to select higher level elements webflow trips up and the levels disappear. See the video link for example of me trying to select a UL from an LI. This was not an issue for me before, but this is definitely causing issue with my workflow.


Yes it’s an annoying bug which appeared in the past 1 or 2 weeks. I was going to post this question, too!

Ditto, plus enough dittos to post a reply.

Thanks @MikeStvnsn, we will take a look and report back. Sorry this is disrupting your workflow.

Also remember that you can use the up arrow to jump to parent elements, and left/right to jump to siblings!

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Was not aware of those keyboard shortcuts. Thanks

It appears that it happens when there is another object above (on the Y axis), which seems to capture the cursor’s intent, as though it was above the contextual nav menu on the Z axis. Tthough it’s probably not; nothing ever blocks the view of the contextual nav menu.

Hey Mike,
Sorry about that! Please check again and let me know if the problem still exists.

Here is a screen cast with the fix:

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Looks like the fix is in - working for me again. Thanks!

Thank you sir! Much appreciated