[BUG] Ghost Product in cart bug is still around


Have any of you still been experiencing the ghost product / ghost item in shopping cart bug ? I’ve been experiencing this for a while now (over 6 months) with some ecommerce sites I designed and still am hearing from clients having this bug.

When a user adds to cart a product during a session and doesn’t checkout, if the product is later de-listed or drafted by shop owner, then the product stays in this user’s cart and prevents him from checking out. This ghost product can’t be removed by the user unless he clears his cookies or starts a new session from another browser.

Why can’t webflow remove from each shopping cart the products that are de-listed on site owner publish ? Or just allow the “remove” button to actually work ? This is beyond my understanding…

This is terrible for the user experience and for the shop owner’s business.
Please, if any of you have been experiencing this, come forward :slight_smile:

Sorry for insisting but are you guys making any progress towards resolving this issue? It’s been 14 days since this bug has been pointed out once more to your team (and it has been around for a while, and pointed out more than a couple of times).
Many webflow e-commerce sites are most certainly missing quite a lot of orders because of this ghost product thing.
Could you please give us an update ?

@magicmark , @rileyrichter , @dylang

Thank you for re-pinging. I’ve shared this with our ecommerce team in case it wasn’t picked up originally, and will feedback here when I have some news.

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Hi @pepperclip, one of our enginneers mentioned a fix that went out a few days ago, and they’re reporting that the “remove” button should now remove the item from the cart.

Is the behaviour you’re mentioning still happening within the last few days? We’re not able to reproduce this side and the remove button is working for us. (Totally appreciate it could be something else causing issues for you though)

If so, could you let me know if you have any custom code, and if you’re able to share the project link here, or privately then I can take a look for you.

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That’s excellent news ! (I had no idea since support didn’t tell me they solved it…)
I tested it on one of my test sites and seems to work. I just sent an email to my clients for them to check as well and will comment here if everything seems to be fine on their end too. Thanks so much !!

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Excellent. Thank you for letting me know.

I appreciate your patience, I know from experience these “small” bugs are mighty annoying when they occur. :webflow_heart: