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Bug? Div appearing outside wrapper div

Hi guys,

I’m currently working on a new site. I’ve observed something interesting. My webflow designer shows that I have the correct structure with all my sections in a wrapper div. But the published site is showing the very last two divs outside the wrapper for whatever reason. I can’t seem to resolve. The only thing I was able to for one of them was apply the same max width. Is there a limit to how many divs can live in a wrapper?

Am I doing something wrong here? Thanks for the help!

Edit: removed links as I’ve moved this topic to support.

Witnessed like you described it. Difficult to analyse/fix with only a read only link.

Was looking for some custom html that could provoque this but there’s not (right?). Just before the break you’re using a row widget with an empty col (it has only a background). Mind adding the image as img to fill the column and test?

Certainly not 12 :smile:

Seems to be a real bug though, you should email

Thanks @vincent! There’s no custom HTML apart from a poll script embed but that’s pretty far up the page. This feels like a bonafide bug. I’ll email it to support. Thanks for looking into it!

I tried an img in the div and I’m seeing the same behavior.


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