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Bug? Background image not editable in mobile viewport


I’m noticing a bug similar to as described in this post:

Heres my public link:

For example, go to the ‘Course Modules’ page and select the first section class=“panel-full-width” in the mobile viewport. Notice how the background edit area looks like this:

Also notice how switching back to the desktop viewport causes 2 images to be listed, both un-editable?

Any ideas?

Hi there @matt50, thanks for reporting this, we will check this out and then provide an update once we understand what is happening… I can also reproduce the behavior. I checked your image and the file size is ok, however the image dimensions are quite large, it might be something to do with that, but we will investigate and then report back.

Hi @cyberdave did you have any luck diagnosing this? - seems still to be happening…

Hi @matt50, this issue is still open, but I will update this as soon as I can.