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Hello All,

Somewher ewithin the website I have managed to shift the entire website 50px or so to the left and it is now cutting off the nav bar and the entire site is off. I have gone through each section, container, and aso one to try to figure out what I have chagned that effected the rest of the website.

Here is the link to take a look at the site to see if anyone can give me a hand on what i did wrong… ugh!!


Hi @onefatguy, I am sorry to hear of the trouble.

Could you update your post with the read-only link to your site, and a screenshot of the elements in question? That will help to make things go faster.

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Thanks, Dave


Thanks for the help… this is a complete pain in the Ars… anyway… here is the link

see the entire shift of the site to the left hand side. I have gone through this sompletely and I can not find out where I changed a setting

  • aaron

Hi @onefatguy, thanks for the read-only link ! I think the issue is that on the All Links class, those are set to Relative position with a left offset of 50 pixels, causing overflow on the body.

If you remove the position override on the All Links class, this should correct the issue.

Could you try that? Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

How do you get the All Links to come up in the Higher Selector box?

Hi @onefatguy, thanks for the followup. I have made a short followup video. There was actually one more thing causing a little overflow, on the section process class, also set that to overflow hidden. That should help. If not, let me know and I am happy to take another look.

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Hey thanks for the quick video and all… perfect.

I do have another question?

When you are in the Portfolio page of the website and you want to go back to the main page. When I change the link on the nav within the portfolio page it then to go back to the main back. it changes the link on the main nav also throughout the site. Is there a tutorial or a way to change the nav links when you are only in the portfolio section without changing the main link nav on the entire site?

And also to make it jump to a certain section on the home page from the portfolio section?


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