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Browser Shaping Content Incorrectly


I’m having a problem with the content on my site whilst changing the size of the browser.

Video below, would anyone have any idea to why this is happening? Other devices are fine as default. It’s just the desktop that’s having the problem.


Hey @DroneMotion,

Is it a PNG or SVG? And please post your read only link here as well, then we can take a look.

Morning Gary,

It’s a PNG from Flaticon. Sure here you go:

Hi Gary, thought i’d just kindly bump this topic for you :slight_smile:

Hi there,
I’ll take a look now for ya … oh you canceled the post?? Did you get it fixed?

Ah do the links only last 24hrs?

Here’s a fresh link:

Hey @DroneMotion,

  1. So the first thing to remember, the Styles panel is actual CSS. If have a ton of “Blue” settings in this panel, then you are adding a bunch of CSS to your pages. Limit this as much as possible, because you’re actually telling the browser what to do. Would it be better to give a few instructions to accomplish a lot… or give lots of instructions to accomplish the same thing.

  2. I’ll do a quick video so you can what I’m talking about… one minute…

This should help… I spoke more about Framework… so you won’t even have to deal with image distortion, etc. The problem was not the image, it’s the “base layout” :slight_smile:

See ya.

Hey Gary!

Wow! This video and information is more than I could’ve ever asked for. I’ve been going over it for a while now and it really does clear things up! My eyes are now much more fully aware and open to the CSS issues and it’s fixed the problem. As you said, keep to that method to nearly everything I make! Thank you once again!

Hey, no problem… I think it’s always better to give more than not enough… everyone here is trying to make a really nice product with efficiency in mind. I figured a video you could refer back to at anytime would work best for your situation.

I’m glad to help… have fun see ya :slight_smile: