Browser previous page button is causing this problem in Firefox and Safari

Only in Firefox and Safari (Chrome ok):

When I came back to my page (which has page loading interactions) using previous page button from browser, I got this hold frame:

Mouaze Back

Any suggestion?

Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hey there @PabloMontero!

Thanks for reaching out.

When I view page, the bio link that is supposed to return to the main bio page doesn’t seem to be working. Have you changed the link at all?

Let me know and I would be more than happy to help out.

Ups, solved, now the link is working! Thank you Riley

Are you able to reproduce the issue?

Hi there @PabloMontero!

Thanks for the update.

When I attempt the steps on my end, everything loads smoothly:

Were you able to find a workaround the original issue?

Hi @RileyJones, I realised in your video you are using Chrome, my problem with the previous page button occurs only in Safari and Firefox, could you check that? Thank you!

Hi @PabloMontero!

I can see the difference in a browser like Safari. I’m wondering it has something to do with the interaction and the size property being rendered differently. I was able to achieve somewhat of a better experience by changing the VH values to PX.
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Let me know if this helps on your end.


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