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Browser compatibility for e-commerce


First of all, I can’t show or give more information about the website but I would like to ask what browser compatibility requirements there are for e-commerce. So, I hope I can find something helpful :frowning:

I have an issue with an e-commerce site I have built lately. It’s on domain and site has product variations using select boxes on the product page. When the client tries to select and variation, site refresh, and nothing added to cart. On the other hand, some clients can purchase with no problem.

Is there any possibility that some security setting causes this issue? Or can be anything that causes bugs on Webflow e-commerce that are on domain?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think that e-commerce itself would have compatibilities issues. My guess would be that the browser could be outdated, or some extensions could causing some conflicts. I would suggest to try the site on incognito mode to see if it happens there as well if so then try it in a different browser, you’re saying that other people can purchase no problem so I wouldn’t think this as a platform problem but local (computer, browser) one.