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Broken URLs on "transfer a project" university page

Not sure if “feedback” is the right place to report this, but since I don’t think I can submit a PR:

There are 2 anchor links that are missing the # in the href and therefore try to resolve as a URL on this page:

These are the links 2 and 3 in the “Common questions” section.

Hopefully this is helpful! :slight_smile:

Hey @simonswiss,

Thanks for highlighting this, I’ve moved it to bugs, and will flag it to staff.


Awesome - good to know about the bugs category - I’ll know for next time :slight_smile:

Hi @simonswiss, thanks for the report, our team is helping to check this further and we will get that corrected. Thanks for taking the time to be awesome :slight_smile:

Hi @simonswiss

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I fixed the anchor links.

In the future, you can leave article feedback through the feedback for at the bottom of the article page.

Thanks again.

Ah ok cool - I thought it could be another place where to do it - will know for next time! :slight_smile:

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