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Broken rows on tablet view

Hi community.

Can’t understand why rows are broken on tablet at the site on characters template page when I look from iPad Pro.

The same site with the same settings looks right on the same page

Thank you.

Hi @Mariia_Kulida , Can you provide a a published link to the URL where the problem occurs your project?

Hi @webdev. thank you for replying. here is character page where it’s happened

Can you please provide screenshots that shows the issue you want to address?

sure. thank you for asking

this issue is only on iPad. interesting that on the same site but NO (it was duplicated) it’s ok

The URL in the screenshot is a different URL than…

I could not duplicate the issue on a iPad Pro 12.7 nor in safari simulating other iPads. Make sure your cache is clear. You also might want to see if the first card’s title length is an issue. You can use Safari’s developer tools to isolate the row issue.

Sorry, I can’t be more helpful at the moment.

thank you for help @webdev. I can’t find out what’s wrong so I decided to change the number of columns to 3 and that helped.