Broken my slider


I needed to quickly whip up a portfolio and so used a cloneable Webflow site from the showcase. However, when adding my own information to the slider section on the home page, I’ve somehow broken it. Now it neither changes slides automatically or does anything when I click the arrows. It’s probably something really obvious but I’m a bit of a noob at this :slight_smile: Here is my site: [Webflow - Beth's Awesome Project]

Hey @Beth_Colman! Welcome to the Community :wave:

Which cloneable project did you use when starting the project? It may help try to figure out what’s different on your version, or at the very least, give you a point of contact to the original creator in the event you need to get more assistance.

Thank you! Ah yes, good idea. The cloneable project is here.

Ah okay, it looks like this template is using completely custom next/previous arrows which utilize custom code on the page:

Since custom code isn’t triggered in the Designer, even the linked template won’t work until you view the published project. Just keep in mind that you should keep the class names the same on these slider arrows as that’s how the code is able to find the correct element on the page.

Give it a try once you publish on your staging domain and I’d bet it will work just fine :+1:

Ahh, that makes sense! I haven’t changed the class names so hopefully that should all work then. Thanks so much for your help!