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Broken mobile design on iPhone 11- Webflow preview looks fine

Hey everyone,

We built a site for a client that appears broken (overlaid text, text/images getting cut off, etc.) on his iPhone 11 (latest version of Safari). I tried previewing the site using numerous softwares that allow me to test all devices and browsers. Everything looks fine on our end and in Webflow. He’s cleared his cache but he’s still seeing the issues along with his boss so I’m sure others are too (even though numerous people with iPhone 11s have sent me screen recordings of the site, and again, everything looks fine).

Does anyone have any ideas for troubleshooting? We just can’t seem to figure out what is causing the issue. We’d hate to ask him to do QA since that’s not his job, but we just can’t address the issues since we can’t access every issue he’s seeing.

Any help would be VERY appreciated!

Thank you so much,

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