Broken Links Detected – Can't find them in WebFlow, Only in Source Code


I am new to WebFlow and am having difficulty finding some broken links in the backend. I have experience with other CRMs and WordPress, so hopefully, I have the knowledge to fix this!

I have run a SEMRush Report to find the broken links and have verified that they exist using a broken link checker plugin. Although, these links aren’t visible on the site’s front end, I can only find them when viewing the source code. Therefore, it is making it difficult to locate these in the backend to remove the no-longer-used links.

The source code states that the broken links are in my navigation section. When I look at that section in the back-end, I don’t see any place where these links exist. At some point, before I started working on this site, I think some of these links were used on a navigation menu (from looking at the source code). I am not sure what the person before me was doing as there are style guides and other draft pages being linked…

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Broken Links:

Source Code with broken links: view-source:

Image of Source Code with broken links highlighted:

Here is my site Read-Only:

Most likely it is because some of your links to pages are draft pages.


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