Broken layout,in the preview and live mode, although in the editor everything looks fine

Hi guys,

Since a few days our website is acting weird and I don’t remember making any changes.

The layout seem to be suddenly broken, even though in the editor everything looks fine.
Any tips on what’s happening?

PS: I’ve also been through the backups from over 2 months ago and the problem seems to be persistent, although the website was ok until recently.

PS2: Exit and enter the preview one and hell will break loose :slight_smile:

Here is my site read-only

Here is the live website

Hi @mihai,

This is an odd issue. If you inspect the websites code you can see that the images have loaded so that rules out a cms issue.

Have you tried recreating that component of the site? Sorry that I can’t help with this one.

Hi @Rummy, thanks for the reply.
I haven’t tried yet, as I was first hoping to find a small tweak solution to it.

The problem is happening due to one of the legacy animations you have. I deleted all of them and the issue went away.

I don’t really have the time to be more precise, but this is probably going to help you track down the issue

Hi @Jeandcc, thanks for the hint, I ll look into it!

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Hi guys, I need one last tip. I recreated the show/hide animation and although the initial state is set to none, when refreshing the page the content is at first there, not hidden. The animation work perfectly after I start clicking through. Any ideas why this happens and how to fix it?

Hide/Show by itself doesn’t really do a lot visually. It just tells the browser if the element is “present” or not. In order to achieve what you want, you also need to affect the opacity of element (E.g you set the opacity to 0% as initial state and then it grows to 100% when scrolled into view )

Thanks guys, I solved the problem by additionally changing the display attribute to none in the main panel (in addition to the animation itself). It was that simple. Now all is good again.

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