Broken footer in one page

hi, i am building an expertise page for my website but the footer is broken in that specific page. i have used a footer component footer in all pages, but with that specific page, expertise, i had to unlink it because i had add margin for it to work. I am not sure if that is the problem, probably not, but i am not sure what the problem is. the read link only link: Webflow -

The problem is with the services section above the footer. It has a fixed height of 90vh and the expertise container has a top margin of 20vh causing the content to overflow the container.

Remove the 90vh fixed height on the services section and set the margin top on the expertise container to 0. Now the content of your services grid won’t overflow its section and you can use the component normally.

If you want more spacing between the services section and service section intro, add to the top margin of the services section.

i did what you said, but it didn’t work. Webflow -

It looks like it worked to me, you’re using the footer component now instead of having to unlink it and add margin. Was there something else you were having a problem with?

if you see the live site it looks wierd.

Try nesting the footer main component as a child of your main element.

That’s the only difference I can see between this page and the other pages.

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it worked thanks!!!