Broken API after UI update

Was this simply a UI change or were changes made on the backend as well because I now have a broken system that was using the API to populate my website and it’s not working as it has reliably for over 2 years? I’d like to know if this could be related to recent changes or a different issue and I need support for this critical high priority issue please. My entire online operations are at a stand still now.

@andrew123123, there are new APIs, but I believe the legacy ones should still work. It is probably best to reach out to support if nothing has changed from your end.

I have reached out but maybe I’m using the wrong channels? I sent an email and posted in the Developer/API feed. What’s the best way to get a response?

@andrew123123 You have to use the form on the support page, the priority email no longer works I believe.

None of the 3 types of APIs listed here appear to relate to eh CMS API which is the issue I’m experiencing. Everything started just 2 days ago. I don’t know what changed.

Hi @andrew123123 following up here as well, this should not be linked to our UI but looks to be perhaps an API issue — have you submitted to Otherwise happy to help you get connected with our Developer Relations team.