Broken animation issue

Hi! We have recently developed this article and all is well except that one of our click animations seems to be broken? I tried to go back in and see what it could be but its set up exactly the same as the others. The other animations work perfectly fine except this one, after the first load it loads up upside down, is there a reason as to why? Thank you

here is a site preview

The issue is the pink section called " SOCIAL,

thank you all!

and read only

"Webflow - WW Black Women and Wellness

Hi Jorge! Can you please update your post with a read-only link to your project? Instructions are here.

edit – I see the link now, let me take a look!

Hi again Jorge. I’ve been playing with this for a bit, and to be honest, I’m having trouble figuring out why you’re having this animation issue. I have had success rebuilding the animations without issue, which can be frustrating, but I might recommend that unless someone else can chime in here. It only took me a few minutes once I shifted to just doing that, and had both articles animating just fine.

If you’ll entertain a suggestion and plan to host using Webflow, using the CMS to store your articles could simplify your workflow quite a bit, as you wouldn’t have to recreate the animation for each article you present this way.

Hope this helps!

Hi Jorge, unfortunately I can’t help you out here but wanted to chip in because I also have two animation issue’s on two different websites…

  1. Noticed it last week. The issue made no sense at all and I wasn’t able to fix it. Checked again today and it magically fixed itself. (no changes were made to the website)

  2. This one is quite bad; after opening and closing the full screen navigation, you can’t click on any links anymore - so you’re basically stuck.

Looking at the live website’s code; the div that’s cover all the content mentions a class that I don’t use on my website ‘w-nav-overlay’. Strange…

Note: both these issues were/are visible in the designer preview mode and on the live website.