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Bringing Wordpress sites to Webflow

Hi guys, I have taken a client who currently has a rather successful food blog built in Wordpress and is looking to redesign it. He doesn’t mind switching to Webflow, he does however, mind keeping all his analytics. I have never migrated a Wordpress site to Webflow and I am looking for a step-by-step guide. I think this hasn’t been done yet, I tried looking for workshops in the Youtube channel as well, but no luck. Can somebody chime in with some wisdom?

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I second this. Anybody have some WP to WF info?

Migrating to Webflow from WordPress means you have nice project going on. Just design the entire site in Webflow and manually copy all the pages from Webflow to Webflow. Then connect the Google Analytics ID manually in your Webflow site and embed any other Google SEO related tags/pixels in your Webflow site wherever you need it.

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Yeah, so far it’s going to be a tough job. Getting out of the habit of relying on plugins to accomplish so many things will be the toughest part of the transition while learning what’s capable in Webflow.

Remember that you only have 500 dynamic items and if you need more you have to pay an extra $10 per month for another 500.

Hey Antonio, thanks for mentioning that. I’m on a Started plan until I get it figured out, but I wasn’t aware of the limit so I’ll need to check that out.

I won’t be able to fully move from Wordpress for a few sites because I have a handful of clients that I did sites for that are small non-profits and family restaurants. I have them on WP and gave them hosting at cost, so moving to Webflow for those sites (currently at $5/mo. hosting) and to get the same hosting with CMS on Webflow it’s at least $10/mo per site. So, I just wouldn’t want to tell them I’ve doubled their monthly cost without any extra benefit for them.