Brexit and Ecommerce Taxing : Resolved ✅

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Does anybody have any information as to how or when the (Webflow/TaxJar) e-commerce Automatic TAX calculator will become Brexit compatible?

In a nutshell, when Britain was part of the European Union the standard British tax of 20% was applied to all EU member states.

Now Britain has left the EU, the sale of goods to Europe now use the local country tax rates.
EU VAT Tax Chart

From reading TaxJars Brexit statement, I assumed VAT transition would be automatic, but it still appears to want to charge EU member states the British 20% VAT.

Any ideas or thoughts?

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Hi All,

For those interested in this ticket, TaxJar have updated their system to accommodate the local VAT rates of individual EU member states.

For example;
A DE citizen now purchases an item from a GB Webflow store at the DE VAT rate of 19%.

Thanks TaxJar.

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