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Breakpoints (992px and 1440px) and Hover Animation Issue (Text sometimes disappear)

Dear Community,

Thank you in advance for your help, i ll try to be concise with my questions.

This is the first time i m using Webflow, i have tried many resources on Youtube, nothing have clicked so far.
I am using Macbook 13 inch to design

Question 1:
Currently, my base breakpoint (with the star) in Designer is 992px, when publishing Webflow ll publish to resolution that fit my screen real estate (1440px).
Should i ignore the base breakpoint and design directly on large breakpoint from the beginning, in this case is 1440px? In my current POV, if i start with 992px, when finish, i ll have to re-adjust everything to fit 1440px, which is quite annoying for me currently

992px for my web

1440px for my web

Question 2:
I am making some hover animation for my website; however, i am keep seeing this error that cause the white text missing (not sure how to describe, please check images)
Is this error caused by me?