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Breakpoint Ipad Pro, Smaller Macbook 11


I’ve created a website but having issues with responsiveness on smaller devices such as iPad Pro, Macbook 11 Inches. I want them to have padding on the side.

I have padding on desktop and tablet breakpoints but I think these breakpoints is too big/small for these iPad Pro/Macbook 11 Inches, etc.

Is there anything I should do differently? Thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hello Yansen,

The Macbook 11inches would be on the desktop level. If you go to the side of your viewer, your mouse changes to a line with a pointer on both sides, click down and slide towards the middle and you’ll see a px measure at the bottom with some diamond shapes (The shapes are different device sizes).

Long story short, if you go to desktop level, go to body and add I’d say 10-20px of padding on the left and right, I think your problem should be fixed.

Best of luck!

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Thanks Jeff. That’s very helpful!

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No worries, I’m happy it helped!