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Breakpoint in mobile


How do I place the label on the bottom of each picture? Please see the screenshot attached.
Your help is much appreciated!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Try to use absolute position for the label and place it into the image div.


Share your read only link so one of the people in the forum will show you how :slight_smile:

I tried using absolute position for the label but it is not positioned to the bottom. How do I do that?

Here is the read only link:

Take A look at this video - hope it helps :slight_smile:

If you have more question - don’t hesitate

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Hi there,

How do I make the first label the same as others? I tried to increase the width but it does not make a difference.


Suggest you to jump to webflow university and watch the tutorials about flex. below you can see how to fix it :slight_smile: