Breakpoint for 900px screen depth for Laptop view?

Webflow designs for the ‘Desktop’ as the top hierarchy. However it would be awesome if it’s possible to have a breakpoint for lower depth resolutions.

I’m trying to make a design that looks good on a high resolution screen and still works for a laptop with a screen depth of 900px.

I’m using sections with 100VH but the internal content from a desktop design (2560x1440) doesn’t fit in nicely on a laptop (1440x900).

Is there a workaround?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Set a maximum height and a minimum height, both in VH, on desired elements. (and no height). The min height value will be set for shorter viewports, the max one for taller viewports.

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Works for the elements, thank you and had actually tried this concept on a slideshow.

Trying this for font sizing as well but proving difficult as want a larger font for higher resolution screens (desktop) and then a smaller font for lower resolution screens such as my laptop. Designing on the desktop I can get it looking right but then going onto the laptop the fonts are huge! (Tried, EM and VH for sizing and stuck with EM for now).