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Breakpoint editing - what changes?

Hello there,

The webflow tutorials make it seems as if though when you are editing a breakpoint - it will only affect the breakpoints that are of lower hierarchy. however, when I made a bunch of changes to the mobile breakpoint, I was unpleasantly surprised to learn that I had mutilated the other breakpoints in the process. So I understand that there are types of changes that will change “globally” even when editing the mobile breakpoints.

My question is - what type of edits will always make the changes globally, and which type will only affect the “lower tier” breakpoints?
If someone could even just point me to a tutorial on this that would be great (I’m still learning the ropes of this forum).


Hi Jonathan,

I’m not aware of a tutorial on that specifically. In my experience, the only one’s I’ve run into is if you delete an element on a lower level - it will delete on the higher levels (to get around this, hide on the lower level instead) and some problems with editing grids (to get around this I pretty much do the first trick but duplicate the element [the grid in this case], put a new [different] class on each of the elements, hide the one I want on the higher levels, edit the duplicate, then hide that on the higher levels [you could really use this to get around any problems of this kind you’re having with breakpoints]).

Hope that helps - sorry about your design getting



P.S. - Don’t forget about Ctrl+Z :wink:

thanks! this is very reassuring.

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