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Break Apart Rich Text Block into Separate Elements

I’m using Webflow to format a large amount of pre-styled rich text from another application. Copying and pasting the content in from the other app is working great, and I’m seeing all the formatting (H1-6, ordered lists, bullets, etc.) is being preserved. Unfortunately the content is too large to bring in manually, element by element, so using the rich text styling block has been hugely helpful.

The only issue is now that I have all this content on the page and styled with basic formatting inside a rich text element, I’d like to break the elements apart so I can apply specific styling to certain elements - such as layering additional styling over a sub-set of the H2 titles on the page.

For instance, perhaps I have a bulleted list and I’d like to break that list out into a series of card designs. Currently everything seems locked up inside that rich text block. Is there any way to get these elements out again so I can style as if I’d created them as separate elements?

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