Branded emails to user and to the client

I’m making my client a form where users input trip/vacation variables to get an estimate of the cost. When submitting the form I need the user to get a confirmation email of the details AND my client (owner of the site/business) to get an email of the users input.

At the moment I’m using mailchimp and it works great when getting the form input and sending an automated branded email to the user, BUT there are no solutions in mailchimp make automated email with those input data to my client (owner of the mailchimp account).

So, is there some app / integration that would do both?
User submits a form - user AND the site owner get both customised email from the form inputs.

I looked up zapier, but my they don’t have option to make the email templates. They are just the middle hand and my client uses icloud email which zapier don’t support.


How do you send (or with what) different branded emails to two different people on one mail form?

Depends on what you’re needing for styling and data.

If you’re just capturing the client’s data, sending them a copy, and your client a copy, I use Basin for this. Emails look good, you have branding options, and it has fantastic antispam tech.

If you’re needing different emails for your user and your client company, different content, perhaps with calculations, then you need to build an email generation solution.

One good approach is-

  • Form submits to Make .com
  • Make runs a scenario which does the calculations and sends the email
  • Email is sent via an email provider

For the provider, I like mailjet, which has great styling and a nice templatting approach for transactional emails. Generous free tier as well. But there are many options.

You may be able to use Mailchimp for these transactional emails.

The email content / data is the same. The emails are only worded differently. Just like in webflow ecommerce emails. User buys something - gets a confirmation and so does the site owner, but they are just worded differently.