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Brand versus Brand Current Help

I’m trying to edit the brand in the header. Well actually anywhere for any thing where “current” is suffixed to the class.

I cant seem to adjust just one! I need to adjust both the base and the current) or everything goes haywire. This is seemingly a new feature (not liking it) and I cant seem to find any info on how to adjust. If I edit the current that works for the current page, but doesn’t adjust other pages!

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Hello @Richard_Jeffrey

If I’m understanding you right, you want to edit the current state only for one page?

Piter :webflow_heart:

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No, in general I want to edit the nav bar contents (a symbol) but to have those changes reflected across the site. If I make any edits to that “current” it does not effect the others and if I edit the others it does not effect the current! I just cant get my head around (or find any dialogue) on how to now edit the navigation header!

Actually, I can’t seem to be able to edit the others without clicking through to another page!