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Brand new design - feedback/tips please

Hi, just started work on my first web flow project, can I please get some feedback/tips especially on my search box at the top of the page as had difficulty with positioning the items, thanks in advance.

It’s nice.

How would you like the positionning of the search box to be better? You could have more control without the ROW element but absolute positionning instead, maybe.

Can I say 2 things abt the graphic design?

I find the primary menu to be too discreet, fonts too small and undercontrasted give how vibrant the page is.

Also, if it’s about florists, flowers, I find the big title and paragraph font choice a bit off. I’ll find it more elegant with thinner fonts with maybe more character.

But that’s just me (:

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I like the style

Will agreed with Vincent about menu: it is too small and not the best color combination.

Just few ideas:

Also, make sure all your logos and icons are rendered at 2x. I saw that your social media icons are not so they will be pixelated on retina devices. You can fix this by making images double the size and clicking the checkbox, this image is hi res

The Design looks nice and clean. Nice job :wink:
I do agree with the former opinions about the menu… It just needs to be more alive to match the design tone and to improve the usability/navigation.
Just my 2 cents about it…

For curiosity, how will you incorporate a dynamic search database? What tool will you use?

Keep up the good work!

Hi Vincent - thanks for your comments. Sorry it wasn’t the positioning I was concerned with it was the grouping of the 4 elements that make up the search box (Input box, button, text & flower graphic). I wondered if there was a better way of grouping them so they stay tightly fixed in position relative to each other when the browser window is resized.

Agree with visual comments - working on style today.

Will do DFink - thanks for advice

Thanks @sabanna, @nita_design I’m using sql and asp

Very nice color palette.

Might want to do something about the navigation bar, maybe add top/bottom padding. At the moment it doesn’t stand out that much.

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Cool. Would also suggest adjusting padding in the footer section to let it breathe more.

looks good on small screens, but the HUUUUUUUGE scroller is just too big on desktop