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Brand Navbar shifts position when scrolling down

Hello Webflow community,

I am doing some works here and I needed to add an in page link to the logo, in order for the visitor to go back to the Hero section. But When I tried doing this, I saw that the logo is moving left when I scroll down.

And I do not get where the issue is.

Also one other question regarding the Containers.
Why are they so tight ?
They are often too small for the purpose intended, and I find it difficult to work with them, so I switch to Div block. If someone can explain me what is the reason for containers, and how to easily expand them.


Hi Victor,

I have some ongoing nav brand/logo issues too!

Have you tried giving the logo a position of ‘Fixed’ and then some margin to get it where you want it? Probably not the ultimate answer, as there are more expert people here than me, but it keeps it in line even when scrolling on your preview.

Also it looks like some sections have more margin than others, which might be related, so maybe decide on the standard margin (if not using containers) and then use the same margin for that logo.

Hope that helps?


Hello Stum,

I fixed the problem following your advice (I think), I have no clue if that’s a clean way to do it, but it works.
If you want to check the result.


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