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Brackets for manual editing after export of code from Webflow

Hey everyone,

I was on the lookout for a simple code editor to tweak Webflow exports that had some sort of live preview. I tried Coda but it was kind of slow. I just found Brackets and I think it might really change how any tweaking post export is done.

Check it out

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I had looked into brackets a while back and really liked it. I like the photoshop plugin that lets you open a photoshop file and extract information from layer elements such as font-family, sizes, margins, even logo images. Check this out

Yeah I saw that one too. I’ve never done a layout in photoshop. Is it mainly for prototyping?

@DFink - yeah, before webflow, I had to do all of my website design in photoshop. Was hard getting it from .psd to pixel perfect. It’s why I started to teach myself how to code.

@pingram3541 - awesome video!

BTW, I’ve also heard good things about

Brackets seems awesome. Thanks for sharing. Trying it now…